The striped pants are a kind of pattern pants

The striped pants are a kind of pattern pants. Compared with the pure color pants, the striped pants have special decorative functions: First, the vertical striped pants will make the person wearing the clothes thin. Secondly, the horizontal striped pants will make people fat. Once again, the irregular striped pants will give people a rich sense of color because of the color change of the pattern. Striped pants with a way The miniskirt in the dress is less than 75 cm, and the length of the single skirt is between 76 and 90 cm. The jumpsuit is a type of pants. The jumpsuit is a general term for a variety, and is one of the summer clothes that people, especially young girls, like. It refers to a garment in which a camisole and trousers are joined together. Jumpsuits in a variety of styles