The basic principle of clothing matching In general

The basic principle of clothing matching In general, the color of the top is deep, the color of the bottom is not desirable, which will give a top-heavy feeling. If the top is in a plaid or striped pattern, then the skirt is preferably not of the same type, but a single color. On the other hand, if the skirt is a flower, then the top should be fitted with a plain shirt. Colorful green clothes are the easiest to match with white. Black is also one of the most suitable methods. The strong color contrast makes the red look more dazzling and fully highlights the red and radiant visual features. Gray is a very good transition color, can make the red look a little deeper, suitable for clothes that like the main yellow and gray can match: 1, yellow and gray can show their own reason, yellow and gray should not be too It’s complicated and simple. Plus a blue or purple scarf will be more coordinated. Such as: 2, yellow loose tops + gray long dresses Gray and ginger with a very harmonious mix, a tight belt embellishment can make.