Gray stripe jacket of jacket of overcoat

Gray stripe jacket of jacket of overcoat of low-key sense grey jacket, tie-in false two tight small leg pants, decorate a fine big beautiful leg, wear super show thin lovely modelling , it will be cooler in morning and evening parties. You can choose a small black suit to match a white high-necked lace base shirt. The OL fan that takes fair maiden course. 7. Lace base sweater and windbreaker: in order to prevent the winter cold, choose a comfortable windbreaker, with a high-necked lace base sweater inside. It is warm, elegant and expensive. It’s best to choose a pair of pantyhose or leggings for the lower part of your body.

8. Lace base coat with rex rabbit fur cap vest clip: the pale pink vest clip is very warm, with a long-sleeve lace base coat, free and free, without too much restraint.