Apparel collocations are not necessarily from the assistants

Apparel collocations are not necessarily from the assistants of shopping guides and fashion magazines. If you have such a foundation, of course, it is best. Now, like image consultants and clothing collocations, the social demand is getting bigger and bigger, especially suitable for beauty and fashion. Girls, there seems to be a lot of clothing matching teachers in the country. If you want to be a good collocation designer or compare the first one, you can’t choose the big one’s clothes and cover your upper body. That’s just right. The reaction.. should choose a fit. Also choose to have a waist (slightly tighter). Although you will see small fat. But it looks very fit, not to see your little fat waist second, chest Can have decorations. Distracting others’ attention Warm orange looks cute, gentle and bright. 2, the white system will definitely not go wrong, you can look mentally neat. The soft texture of the white coat looks good and good. You can also wear small red flowers on white or small red clothes on white. This will make the facial skin color more colorful