According to the four seasons

According to the four seasons, it is best to wear some sports clothes and shorts in the , or wear some casual , mainly large and large clothes, try to wear jeans as little as , because I think it may appear a little bloated. The color can be dark; in spring and autumn, you can choose a suit, you can wear a girl’s ass, how to wear clothes, hips, big clothes, matching techniques, oriental women have a large hip . This type of body is called pear type. figure. Women with large hips often have some minor in . In fact, when you wear clothes, if you can grasp the of the body, wear the pair of clothes, the body of the hips can also be generous. Blue is a cool color, it not be with dark clothes such as red and purple. Black and white are the best for blue. The blue and black match are calm, and capable, and match with white is pure, elegant and affable. In addition, blue and dark are also very suitable. For boys, if you want to choose a blue